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Porto Rotondo, 7th September 2017 - After sailing and kayaking activities, the Yacht Club Porto Rotondo expands its activities with the foundation of the Fishing Division. An initiative that renews a long-standing tradition and wants to make the partnership, the reference point for local fans and peninsula.
The section will organize initiation courses for adults and children, gatherings and competitions even during shoulder periods, to give continuity to the classic summer season.
To coordinate it will be Sandro Onofaro, frontman of Sky and organizer of events related to sport fishing, including The O'Game Offshore Trolling, which was held in Porto Rotondo last July.
"I believe very much in the development of sport fishing in Sardinia", said Onofaro, "I think in particular Porto Rotondo a reality already very strong and developed on the territory, is the right place where to take root this passion even among the youngest. The first summer courses gave excellent answers, fishing teaches patience, contact with nature and teamwork. To the courses for the little ones, we will associate rallies for the shipowners and competitions turned to the beginners, for fidelizzarli and to increase the enthusiasm".

The opening of the section will be officially introduced 21 September during the Boat Show of Genoa, also in the presence of the president of the Yacht Club Porto Rotondo, Roberto Azzi, who strongly believed in this novelty.


"Let's not forget that our partnership has an important past in this sector, for being the birthplace of the Big Game", he recalled, "after sailing and canoeing, we want to open up to another art of the sea and recognize an institutional role also to sport fishing, giving an answer to many of our members who are already shipowners, and a new opportunity for those who have never tried their hand. Another objective, to attract the owners of the Peninsula, who could have their boats overwinter here, contributing to growth of the territory ".

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